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Amien Rais Wrong, No Reason To Change KPK Leaders

In a speech in the House of the PAN (National Mandate Party) Last Sunday (2 / 1) Amien Rais suggested that leaders Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will soon be shaken or re-elected because of slow and sluggish in cracking down big cases like Centurygate, except Busyro Muqoddas .
Proposed former chairman of the Assembly was received by a member of Commission III of PDIP ( Democratic Party of Struggle) faction , Eva Kusuma Sundari, a while ago (Tuesday, 4 / 1).

There is no reason to replace the leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) until next year.

“Everyone knows that the process of weakening external and internal KPK effective impact. There is no reason to replace the leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) until next year according to the Act (the Act),” said Eva.

According to Eva, performance targets should be realistically determined by the Chairman of the KPK Busyro Muqoddas until next year. * Bro

Road Map KPK Not Completed

Eradication Corruption Commission (KPK) to date has been set and discuss the road map or an organized overview of the eradication of corruption. In the road map, the Commission will have a systematic way of working to enhance and improve its performance.

According to KPK spokesman Johan Budi, in the near future it will submit a road map to the Commission III of the Parliament. However, he did not say when the road map is being prepared that will be completed.

“What is clear targets road map we can finish it in the beginning of the year,” said Johan told reporters on Tuesday (4 / 1).

Johan said, the road map being developed, the institute will have a term plan to prevent, handle, and crack down on corruption. Among them, by increasing the capacity of KPK as pemberangus corrupt institution. In the end, the road map that will minimize and even eradicate corruption. *Bro

ICW Ask Court Amendments Honorary Membership of the Panel of Judges

Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) to assess the formation of the Honorary Board of Judges (MKH) Konstusi Court (MK) violate the rules. Should the names that will sit at MKH first announced to the public.

“Asking the Court to recognize kekhilafannya for not considering the 3 Rules of the Constitutional Court, namely FMD 2 / 2003 jo FMD 9 / 2006, and PMK No. 10 in 2006,” said researcher ICW law, Febri Diansyah in a press release on Tuesday (4 / 1 / 2011).

As is known, the Constitutional Court has established MKH. 2 People who sit in MKH derived from the Constitutional Court, namely Harjono as chairman MKH and Achmad Sodiki as secretary. While the three members came from outside, namely Bagir Manan (former Chief Justice), Abdul Mukhtie Dawn (former Judge of the Constitutional Court), and Esmi Warrasih Pujirahayu (Professor of Law Faculty of Diponegoro University).

Furthermore, explaining the determination Febri 3 members MKH if not preceded by giving the public an opportunity to be assessed against Article 4 paragraph (1) letter (d) PMK No. 2 / 2003 PMK No. jo. 9 / 2006, and Article 4 paragraph (2) PMK No. 10 year 2006.

“The Court also can not claim a non-formal consultations with groups of certain organizations as evidence was” paying attention to input from the community, “he added.

The Court would have to announce the names of who will be candidates from 3 members MKH through public means. For example, through the website or the Constitutional Court can also be through the news media. This is very important for all parties or wherever people can find out information
MKH formation, and can give input on the Court.

“Public involvement is not merely a formality because each input should be taken seriously, even when the substance needs to be checked by the Constitutional Court,” he explained.

ICW asks the Court to make corrections to comply with membership MKH and MK associated with it.

“We also ask the Court to consider the expansion of the examination materials in the process of MKH. Examination related to the appropriateness of one statement in accordance with the principles of constitutional justice kenegarawanannya, distancing themselves from moral turpitude, and maintain the authority of the guardian of the constitution as a statesman, wise and prudent,” he concluded. *Bro

Defendant tax mafia cases, Gayus Tambunan, known to like to travel abroad while in jail. Eradication Task Force on Legal Mafia suspect Gayus’s departure overseas in order to save the assets.

“I suspect that the departure of Gayus rescue efforts related to law enforcement,” said Secretary of the Task Force, Denny Indrayana, when contacted, Wednesday, January 5, 2011.

However, further Denny, the Task Force is still gathering data on these allegations. “We must see it as a unit in practice the legal mafia’s doing. What are the chances he’s going overseas,” he said.

Denny also had to upload a passport photo someone like Gayus. In the photograph, ‘Gayus’ use fake hair and thick rimmed glasses. Passports were written on behalf of Sony Laksono, date of birth August 17, 1975. Passport-numbered register 1A11JC4639 JRT was issued on January 5, 2010.

“This photo with the wig in a passport Gayus ‘Sony Laksono’. The name of the same pseudonym when Gayus watch tennis to Bali,” wrote Dennis in Twitter account.

Earlier, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Patrialis Akbar, has formed a team other than Gayus pastime tracer alleged to Bali in early November. Sony Laksono known to fly to Macau on September 24, 2010 with Mandala Airlines and to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on September 30, 2010.

Information people like Gayus abroad came from a citizen who wrote letters to the Daily Compass, Sunday, January 2 last. In his letter, Devina writes: “When was a man wearing a wig and glasses into the room where I waited. After seeing the recent photos that circulated in many newspapers and TV news, I am increasingly convinced that people who are in a flight with me to Singapore that it is Gayus. ”

Devina is in the Air Asia flight QZ numbered 7780, with a 11:20 pm departure time from Jakarta to Singapore, on Thursday, September 30, 2010.

Parties airline Air Asia has denied there is the name of Gayus on 30 September flight to Singapore. “To name Gayus does not exist,” said Corporate Communications Manager Air Asia, Audrey Progastama VIVAnews.com Petriny when confirmed.

When take a trip to Bali, Gayus did not use real names. Circulating information, using the name Sony Laksono Gayus. What is the time to Singapore there was a passenger named Sony Laksono? “Let me check with the name Sony Laksono,” Audrey said again in a short message.

Earlier, lawyer Gayus, sadly Hasibuan, claimed not to know their clients abroad. “To Singapore it right before going to Bali. We just do not know if he was to Bali, especially to Singapore,” he said sadly.*


Since the leadership of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) six years ago, the discourse on the eradication of corruption was in the vanguard. Almost every year, our nation and all nations in the world commemorates the global anti-corruption day which is commemorated every December 9.
Almost every year the President was always giving to reiterate about the eradication of corruption. On December 9, 2009, President SBY loudly and bravely declared that he would keep fighting on the front line to lead the country along with all the elements of fighting corruption. “” I will personally lead the jihad against corruption, “said the president at that time.
Not just proud of being assertive leader, the Indonesian people still remember the time greeting the President was so rattle the soul. “This is not just to save public money. We wish there was an attempt to build a new awareness that corruption is a betrayal of the mandate of the people’s suffering, “said president
A few weeks ago, the promise and the same decisiveness again echoed the President. Only at the same time memorial, President SBY more stressed ‘evidence’ commitment to eradicating corruption.
President proudly revealed she had issued a permit examination of 155 funcionary allegedly caught the problem of corruption. “This is beyond the officials who processed the KPK,” the president said at the time.
President’s commitment in eradicating corruption, of course, must be coupled with concrete steps to provide support to institutions in charge of fighting corruption and law enforcement.
But the facts stated in the Budget 2011 makes surprise. How is it possible, government, headed by a presidential anti-corruption can reduce the budget relating to the prosecution of crimes, especially corruption.
This year’s budget for the Prosecutor’s anti-corruption record USD 154.1 billion. Though that figure in 2010 and then the amount reached Rp178, 3 billion. For the police, prosecution budget funds in 2011 was pegged so small, only Rp1, 4 billion. That figure is far smaller than the development budget as well as home office police station that reached Rp143 billion.
Institutions rule of the supreme law, the Supreme Court, still lucky to get a budget of Rp215 billion repression of corruption, the highest compared to the other. While the institute, which until now hoped the people would play a major role at the vanguard of fighting corruption, the Commission, this year rationed to only Rp19, 2 billion, from previous Rp26, 3 billion.
With the decline in the budget can be sure people will be greater disappointment given the performance of the Prosecutor-Police-MA and the Commission last year with a bigger budget than this year. All institutions will have a rational reason for the slump in their performance, arguing the lack of government funds disbursed.
All that’s odd. Viewing GPA Indonesia in 2009 in the position of 2.8, 2010 was the same, although there is change in rank of 111 out of 178 countries surveyed last year to 110 this year. Prove the performance of combating corruption in Indonesia is still not showing progress.
Even observers institution at the vanguard of anti-corruption campaign of the world, Transparency International, assumes no progress in combating corruption in Indonesia.
With the decrease in the amount of the budget in this 2011 state budget, Could anti-corruption institution can improve its performance. That is what must be questioned to the government which proposed budget and the House of legitimate. If there is a conspiracy deliberately to slock anti-corruption efforts, of course means it can not be said again and civilized nation will be worse off due to the corrupt act. * Bro

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